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Save your manner.This application program to which the Vibration Mode and the Silent Mode are switched according to the set timer.The movement of the timer is a Japanese standard. (Weekday and Holiday. Sorry.)
The following function - Add new timer - Delete timer - Edit timer
Timer that can be edited - Timer ON/OFF - Uptime - Switch mode - Manner of giving notice - Switch timing
The switched mode is the following. - Normal mode - Vibration mode - Silent mode
The timing that can be switched is the following. - Only once - Everyday - Weekday(japan) - Holiday and weekend(japan) - A selected day of the week
The manner of giving notice at the switch can be specified. - Statusbar notification (Notification) - Vibration notification - Pop up notification (Toast)
Note: - As for the manner mode fixation etc. , compatibility is bad with the done another application program. - The ring volume set in the ordinary mode depends on the volume originally set to the terminal.